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Zinc plating
Blue zinc plating
Yellow-rainbow zinc plating
“Rainbow” zinc plating free from Cr6+ compounds
Black zinc plating
Green “Olive” zinc plating
Zinc plating before powder dyeing
Zinc nickel
Zinc Iron
Chrome plating
Chrome plating
ecochrome plating
Satin chrome plating
Nickel plating
Satin nickel plating
Copper plating
Copper plating
Old copper
Aluminum processing
“Satin” anodizing
Colour anodizing
Colourless anodizing
Stainless steel electro-polishing
Matte etching
Electrochemical polishing
Tin plating
Tin plating
Steel oxidation
Steel and cast iron oxidising
The international management system standard LST EN ISO 9001:2008.
Galvanta UAB has been certified from January 2012 and works according to the international Management ...
Free from Cr6+ chrome plating process
New generation technology is free from Cr6+ compounds and meets the requirements of RoHS Directive.
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The type of plating depends on the purpose and conditions of use of the parts. We may offer the widest rage of plating in the Baltic: zinc plating (blue, rainbow, black, green “Olive”), zinc- iron, zinc-nickel, copper plating, also copper aging, chrome plating (satin, gloss), nickel plating (satin, gloss), aluminum treatment (anodizing, colour, colourless, satin; oxidation), steel oxidation (blueing), stainless steel electrochemical treatment, tin plating. Please, send us your blueprint, sketch, picture by e-mail or fax +370 5 2161209, and we will prepare an offer right away.

The term of service provision depends on the number of parts, their configuration, batch size, coating type and is determined individually. Most often our item is ready in 3-5 days. We always try to meet the needs of our customer, and quite frequently it is possible to pick up the item already the next day. Please, send us your blueprint, sketch, picture by e-mail or fax +370 5 2161209, and we will prepare an offer right away.

Cost of the services each time we calculate separately. The price depends on the required coverage, details of the size, configuration, quantity of a lot ...

Yes, parts of black metal restoration services are provided. Terms and price depends on the details of the state as deeply penetrated corrosion, often to renew parts, holes’. Deteles accept both cover and, with a machining shop, full details of restoration. The restoration process requires special knowledge, diligence and time, and deadlines are often quite long.

 We can restore, chrome plate all vehicle parts of ferrous metal, except for mufflers and wheel rims.

Parts of aluminum, plastic, stainless steel and different alloys are not restored or chrome plated. More information about restoration process.

 We have introduced several new zinc passivation technologies free of Cr6+ compounds. The technologies meet requirements of the RoHS directive. RoHs is the directive restricting the application of hazardous substances.

Yes, welcome. Minimum order is 45 price,-EUR plus VAT.

At present, we can offer:

- SNA test according to DIN 50 021, namely the salt spray test;

- X-ray test.

Unfortunately, currently we may not offer this service.

Unfortunately, currently we may not offer this service.

Unfortunately, currently we may not offer this service. This technological process requires a different nickel plating process and preparation than is currently available. We are aware of this process and in case of great interest we are ready to install this technology. 

This is an electrochemical process where M. Faradey’s phenomenon of electrolysis is used during which time different metal coatings (in our case, zinc, copper, chrome, etc.) precipitate on the metal basis.

Unfortunately, currently we may not offer this service.

We can chrome plate components of ABS plastic. We are aware of this process and, in case of a big order, we may perform this process.


Much attention is given to the quality of anti-corrosive coating, which helps us to reach within a few decades of experience, cutting-edge technology and strict monitoring processes corresponding to the ...

New technology

We use more than 30 advanced metal plating technologies, which we choose according to customer’s needs and goals and technical requirements. When necessary, we select, match and install new technol ...

"Door to Door"

We provide comprehensive logistics services - by costumers needs we can pack, mount and deliver costumers goods door to door at the right time.